Jablotron vision is to provide customers with top security, superb communication systems and world-class security services.



Professional security has never been easier. Expandable, remote-controlled, easily adjustable. And it looks good too!


The JA-100 is a revolutionary wireless system designed to protect premises . Suitable for both residential areas as well as shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, etc. It can report a break-in, fire, health problems, assault and other possible risks.

The system also offers home automation (the remote control of appliances, heating control, switching appliances on with a motion detector, detectors for sensing door/window opening or remote control).




Years of a proven security system that you can rely on ! But which can also conveniently manage a household!


The JA-80 wireless system is a proven system useful for protecting premises, including residential properties, shops, offices, warehouses etc. It can report theft, fire, health problems, intrusion and other possible risks.

Through your mobile phone or via the Internet you can keep a continuous track of everything that is happening in your household or company. Its installation is environmentally friendly and affordable.


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