Application Software

ETT intelligent analysis 

Behavior Analysis
Vehicle Monitoring
Legacy Object Detection
Statistical analysis of flow
License Plate Recognition
Loitering / gather detection
Camera destroy / tamper detection

ETT Intelligent Video Management System 

System Module

•CMS (central Management Server)

•NMS (Network Management Server)

•DMS (Data Management Server)

•SMS (Stream Media Server)

•NVR (Net Video Recorder) 

•EMS (Event Management Server) 

•VMS(Virtual Matrix Server)

•Control Client 

Operation Client

ETT Intelligent Client Software


iVMS-4200 is a newly designed colligation software which includes not only ETT's NVR, DVR and IP camera management functions, but also compression card, decoder connection and setup functions. 

    The software contains 5 subsystems: User Client, PC Storage Server, Stream Media Server, Decoding Server and Encoding Server. 

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