Your partner with wide range of solution and services in telecommunicatins and security.


Provide high definition and network for critical surveillance and applications Digital and IP surveillance offer superior image details with hih resolution.


Overall solution on access control system including installation, solutions and maintenance to faciltate and secure your services and properties with flexibility.

Alarm Application

Determine the monitoring system to supervise and communicate the alarm with flexible solutions to allow you of all area. 

Customize the needs and provide unique advice and solutions with leading devices and technology to ensure the security and support your business.

Public Address System

Through total solution and efficient system to achieve higher performance levels for wide range frequency response and power handling. Designed to meed high standard to fit foe different installation and application requirement, our solutions and products are ideal to solve substantial needs for adaptable sound reinforcement.

CABD System

professional inspectiona and technical support

CABD system is capable of receiving and distributing digital TV signal. An ideal CABD is able to deliver efficient signal and atablilty.

Voice Application

IP PABX / Digital PABX / Intercom

Integration of conventional business phone system.

Flecible applications with IT intergrations.

Evaluate suitable solutions and applications in conjunction with date and taskd.

Identify solution and functions to enhance teh network efficienty of communications.

Data Solution

Structure Cabling System

Total Solution in installation of wiring and building configuration to connect your system.

Server Room Design

ideal and thoughtful server room design to redefine the necessity and cater for future growth.

Building Management

Wide range of supports to oversee and facilitate the software & hardware of building management system

Enhancing your builsing management system to reduce labour and energy use with improving occupant covenience and its security. Facility-wide applications ensure compliance to local regulations and codes while enhancing operational efficiency.

Building Management combines applications to enhance security, safty and compliance as well as reducing operating cost. By adopting in-house products and leading techgnologies, total security solution tailored to your particular needs.

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