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An outbreak of epidemic caused by a novel  coronavirus, has resulted in thousands of  confirmed cases in China, including cases in other international locations.
The risk of cross-infection is great in areas with  a large number of people, such as office buildings,  residential quarters, shopping malls, airports, train  stations, etc., which poses great challenges for epidemic management.
According to medical observations, one of the  main symptoms of many infectious diseases is  abnormal body temperature. To effectively  control the spread of the virus, temperature  measuring is critical.


Face Mask


Temperature Measurement System


Non-contact, long  distance and accurate,  reduce cross-infection  possibility.


Multiple product  types, easy to deploy,  suitable for different  scenarios.

Feature Highlight - System

  1. Body temperature measurement range: 30 - 45° C

  2. High temperature measurement accuracy:±0.5° C

  3. Fever temperature customized

  4. Fever Detected Handling

    • "Red " temperature highlight​​

  5. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery,Up to 8 hours continuous operation

  6. Tripod Stand Support

  7. Suggest Detection Distance Range : 0.5M ~ 3M


Efficient, auto alarm  triggering, reduce man  power resources  investment.

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How it 


To effectively prevent the epidemic from spreading in the transport hub, fever screening shall be performed at entrance & exit.

Fever screening is perfect  complement to traditional  temperature measurement by  performing two-level measurement.
First, accurate and fast preliminary  fever screening to reduce  passenger queue time.
Second, when abnormal  temperature is detected, perform  the secondary accurate screening  by thermometer.

Application Scenario:


Office buildings 


Shopping mall 



Every day people leave from home, go to the office or shopping  mall, and then go back to home again. In each place, they may be  infected and further infecting others.

Since each building has access control, combine  access control management with fever screening to ensure  that only people with authority and normal temperature can enter,  and detect person of abnormal temperature in time.

Application Scenario:

Transport Hub

Once a patient enters, it will  quickly infect a large number of  people, causing immeasurable  losses. Therefore, fast and  accurate measurement must  be performed while ensuring  passenger flow efficiency.

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