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Hang Shun Technology Company Limited is a leading solutions provider of all communications needs. Based in Hong Kong, the Company specializes in deploying telecommunications and security strategies for business and public entities worldwide. Hang Shun offers extensive portfolio of innovative, high quality and systems for telecommunications, security, safety and building management system featuring intelligent functionally and modular concepts to grow with your requirements.


Over 15 years of substantial experience and innovations in telecommunications and public address system, Hang Shun pledges to deliver cutting-edge products, solution and technical supports with the emerging marketing trends.


Leveraging integrated infrastructure is crucial in our daily business operations and future development. Hang Shun addresses the full spectrum from telecom network and security to building management system. The wide range of services and solutions dedicate to facilitate and enhance the efficiency.


Customer satisfaction is the key tenet that has been behind Hang Shun’s mission.   Total solutions, responsiveness and extensive network in the industry bring the Company with capacity to provide top tier services which devoted to your needs.

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