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Headquartered in Hong Kong and with satellite offices globally, Evertrust Technology is an industry leading designer, developer and manufacturer of IP and analog, enterprise-level CCTV Security DVR and NVR systems including; intelligent video analytics, security cameras, fiber, UTP accessories, hardware and software peripheral solutions for business, government and military.

Evertrust is a true “one-stop-shop” manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions. First and foremost, Evertrust is a total CCTV Video Surveillance solutions provider


ETT's features the finest in imaging technology. High sensitivity and resolution provide superior performance across a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. Structural camera enclosures are available to meet even the most extreme of environments. 


Application Software

in platform software with a professional engineering team that has contributed to the breakthrough of many of today’s cutting-edge technologies. Our cloud platform features global distributed multi-site deployment, highly reliable and fail-safe architecture, along with technologies like multi-level cache, dynamic domain name resolution, P2P network penetration, and adaptive network technologies.


Video Management

ETT's video management suite of hardware products provide customers with an end-to-end solution from entry-level to enterprise. From video transmission to recorders, storage and management there is an system to fit customer requirements.


Matrix & TV Wall Controller

C11 Series Video comprehensive platform reference ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) standard design, support analog and digital video matrix switch.

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